Nebraska Furniture Mart–Moving to Texas Guide, Part II


You Have A Choice!
You Have A Choice!

So you’re ready to pack your bags and you’re ready to go.   Next stop,  Texas.  Now, if you just had somewhere to live.  The relocation company has counseled you and told they would help you but it is a lonely trip to a big area if you are looking for a home.

The information that follows is intended to give you some idea of what to expect.  Unlike Chamber of Commerce information that tells you about  events, places, things to do and see as well as places to eat, you need a home.

When you look at a big map of the DFW area, it looks manageable–until you grasp the size.  The DFW “metroplex” is about 9300 square miles with a population of around 6,000,000.   From area, that makes it slightly smaller than the state of Maryland and larger than each of the states of Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusets, New Jersey, Hawaii, Connecticut, Deleware or Rhode Island.  From a population perspective, the DFW “metroplex” would qualify for the nation’s eighteenth largest state.  If you were to drive from the corner of the map of the DFW metroplex diagonally to the opposite corner, it would take 2 to 3 hours, depending on traffic.

Luckily, you don’t have to do that because DFW is really a bunch of smaller cities and neighborhoods that make you feel at home.  The location of the new Nebraska Furniture Mart – Texas is in the city of The Colony in southeast Denton County near the southwest corner of Collin County.  Denton and Collin county are two of the fastest growing counties in the nation as the Texas area and DFW area explode with growth.

Denton and Collin Counties

Denton CountyCollin County
Denton County, click for larger view
Denton County, click for larger view
Collin County, for a larger picture, click
Collin County, for a larger picture, click

These counties are the closest to the new NFM facility. However, sometimes it is necessary to live in a “central” location for the other person working in the household or family to visit in the area. Tarrant (Fort Worth’s home) is southwest of the NFM location while Dallas county is mostly south and southeast of the NFM location.

In that case, you might consider Dallas or Tarrant county.   These counties are the long time core of “DFW.”

Tarrant and Dallas Counties

Tarrant CountyDallas County
Tarrant County, click here for larger view
Tarrant County, click here for larger view
Dallas County, click for larger view
Dallas County, click for larger view

For more DFW Metroplex information, click here.


Often when meeting with relocating employees moving to the area, the traffic buzz and freeways are scary.  In reality, once you get used to them they are better than any two lane blacktop road!   The freeways and toll roads are major arteries to speed your commute.  Most of the cities in the area have 4 lane or 6 land boulevards that move traffic along efficiently.  With the boom in growth, it seems like any 15 minute drive will bump into road construction, a long term good thing but a real nuisance on a rainy morning.

Many people relocating have told me they would like to live 5 to 10 minutes from work and have a vision of the type house that might be available.    You will have to face the reality that the new location of NFM is in a booming area of North Texas.

The homes built directly north in The Colony were built in the 1970-1985 with another boom ending in 1990-1994.  In late 1990’s and into 2000s, really nice homes were built on the far east & west sides of town–The Legends (low to mid $200,000s) and Stewart Peninsula ($210,000- $350,000+) on the east and Ridgepointe (low to mid $200,00s) on the west.

Just south is Carrollton with similar style homes in the $150,000 range up to $200,000 – $350,000.  

North of The Colony is Little Elm, Providence Village, Savannah and the Cross Oaks Ranch areas including the new DR Horton, Lennar, Bloomfield builders.  New homes start at $160,000 on up to high $200,000s and $300,000s.

My recommendation is that you adjust your thinking and focus on a 20-35 minute drive if you are buying and 15-25 minute drive if you are leasing.    The distance can be further if using the expressway but shorter if using the neighborhood boulevards.

In PART III you will find a more detailed description of cities, neighborhoods and schools. The realistic prices of buying by area and the realistic prices of leasing by area.  Please subscribe for this and other updates.


To give you an idea of drive times, the following map was compiled bases on a driving time of 15-25 minutes (inner area) and 20-35 minutes (outer area) from NFM.    This is based on distance and a vehicle average speed of 50 mph which is a little too slow on the expressway and a little too fast on the boulevards but fairly representative otherwise.

Search For A Home Near NFM
Search For A Home Near NFM

Try to decide whether to buy or rent, click here for a decision analysis.

To find homes TO BUY  in the specific areas, click below.  These are sorted low to high.  On the lower part of the map, pick “NEXT” to flip thru selected homes displaying 25 each time.

Driving Time Estimate

 $150K - $200K$200K-$250K$250K-$300K$300K-$350K
Estimated 15-25 Minute Drive Timesearchhomelogosearchhomelogosearchhomelogosearchhomelogo
Estimated 20-35 Minute Drive Timesearchhomelogosearchhomelogosearchhomelogosearchhomelogo

For specific info, from your cell dial-  **4ebby and specify which area you are most interested.

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Be sure to request Jim Bortzfield at Ebby Halliday Real Estate when working with your relocation company. From your cell phone:  **4Ebby

You Have A Choice!
You Have A Choice!



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