Relocation Companies and Picking a Realtor®

MovingRelocating can be stressful, expensive and time consuming. Many companies provide relocation assistance.  Relocation companies specialize in managing the logistics of your move.  One key factor in making your move a success is your happiness in your new location by finding the right neighborhood for your family.

Typically, your relocation company has contracts with various real estate brokers in the area.  The relocation company will usually pick two brokers who ultimately refer you to two  Realtors®  to interview.   The relocation company charges the broker a percentage of the commission for the referral.

Do you have to use the referred Realtor®  choices?  Absolutely not!  You can request a specific  Realtor® .  Living in the DFW area my entire professional career, I can guide you by age of the neighborhood, price and features you want.  Request me and I promise not to disappoint you!.  Be sure to visit my web site at

Why choose an experienced Realtor®  that has lived in the area for a long time?  A good Realtor®  will listen to your vision and dreams of  how you want to live based upon your work location, schools, drive times,  recreational needs and social activities.  In the end, a good Realtor® can discover neighborhoods in your new location that are most similar to the neighborhood where you live now if that is what you desire.  A good Realtor®  will do more than find you a home and guide you through the purchase.  A good Realtor®  will ultimately give you community information to welcome you home and let you experience the recreational time and social life that makes life better.

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